Tamil / Tamil99 Typing Tutor for Ubuntu / Windows

There is a free Tamil99 Typing Tutor – Aasaan. It is also a Tamil Typing Tutor (typewriter  layout) and English Typing Tutor.

Below is the link –

Tamil & Tamil 99 Typing Tutor for Ubuntu

This works in Ubuntu 14.04 as well through wine, following are the steps for installing in Ubuntu

1. Install Qt4 wine with addons from Ubuntu Software Centre

2. Open wine tricks from dash -> Select the default wineprix -> Install a Windows DLL or component -> Select vb6 run (MS Visual Basic 6 runtime), vcrun2010 and vcrun6 -> click Ok.

3. Download the file from above link -> run the exe file, it will download the Aasan zip file.

4. Install Aasaan from the zip file downloaded, by double clicking the setup.exe after extracting the zip.

Run the Aasaan from Dash.

[Note: Aasaan is good for Learning Tamil99 fingering but practicing the sentences and paragraphs lessons is not working even in Windows (the character combinations உயிர்மெய்யெழுத்துக்கள் like கா, கி, கு etc., don’t get displayed properly).

This can be overcome by copying such lessons to Libreoffice Writer or MS Word or Notepad and practicing there


in Ubuntu 14.04 by pressing Ctrl + Super + Left arrow while in such paragraph page, which will make the Aasaan display in left half of screen, and opening Libreoffice for typing in it without copying on the right half screen.]

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