Tamil / Tamil99 Keyboard for Windows (including link to Tamil Fonts)

Tamil99 Keyboard can be installed in Windows by installing ekalappai, an open source software, from


Above link web page says ekalappai 3 supports Tamil Typewriter, Tamil Inscript, Bamini, Tamil Phonetic and Tamil99 keyboard layouts.


Tamil99 keyboard can be installed from below link


Below site has some good info related to Tamil softwares, fonts, office softwares, dictionaries etc.,.


Tamil fonts are also available in above link.


Use Iniya Tamil (not open source) to type in Tamil (supports all Tamil layouts) / convert to different Tamil encodings, in windows. Can be downloaded from


Download Lohit Tamil Unicode Fonts from


Other Tamil Fonts


Tamil99 stickers (Tamil alphabets) can be printed & affixed to your keyboard see below for details

(can get it printed in local sticker shops)

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