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Tamil / Tamil99 typing in Android

Android supports Tamil99 typing. Below are the apps through which Tamil can be typed

It is an open source keyboard layout app. It supports Murasu Anjal, Tamil99 and English Keyboard layouts.

Indic Keyboard
It is also an open source keyboard layout app. It supports Tamil, Hindi, Nepali, Devanagari, Malayalam & other Languages. Even among languages it gives options, for eg. in Tamil Language it gives options as Tamil Inscript, Tamil99, Tamil and Tamil Ezhuthukkal.

Office Software for Tamil / Indian Languages Typing in Android

The best Word / Office Software for typing in Tamil / Indian Languages in Android (as on 1.2.2015) is WPS Office (king soft office). Other word / office apps have not achieved good display rendering so far.

E-File Indian Income Tax Returns in Ubuntu

Indian Income Tax Department has released Java based e-Return Filing Software which can be used in Ubuntu.

It needs Oracle Java Installation


-> Remove (uninstall) open jdk java (open source Java) to avoid conflicts. Uninstall can be done through Ubuntu Software Centre by searching with word “Java”.

To install Oracle Java

-> Open Terminal from Dash

-> Copy (Ctrl + c) and Paste { use (Alt + e + p )  since (Ctrl + v) not work in terminal } below commands one by one in Terminal and press enter after each one

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-

-> After last command it will be prompted to accept conditions -> select yes.

-> Copy below command and paste in terminal

sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-

->Download Java version of Income Tax Return Preparation Utility (for applicable ITR form) from Income tax India efiling website.

-> Unzip downloaded file. Copy the contents (4 files not folder) of unzipped folder to Desktop

-> type / copy paste below 3 commands in terminal and press enter after each

cd ~/Desktop
(Case sensitive note the “D” in caps in Desktop)

chmod 755


-> wait few seconds the java utility will run

Note: The author of this article has successfully filed Income Tax eReturns for Assessment years 2014-15 and 2013-14 by following above method.

Few Tips in filling up Return form

1. Use prefill to fill details of PAN, address, TDS, TCS, other tax payment details. (To use prefill prior registration with efiling website is a must)
2. Draft save will just save the form while Save will do some validation and throw errors, if any.
3. For selecting options under drop down menus use down arrow and press enter for selection. Using touchpad click, in laptop, for such selection not works sometime.

Tamil / Tamil99 Keyboard for Windows (including link to Tamil Fonts)

Tamil99 Keyboard can be installed in Windows by installing ekalappai, an open source software, from

Above link web page says ekalappai 3 supports Tamil Typewriter, Tamil Inscript, Bamini, Tamil Phonetic and Tamil99 keyboard layouts.


Tamil99 keyboard can be installed from below link

Below site has some good info related to Tamil softwares, fonts, office softwares, dictionaries etc.,.

Tamil fonts are also available in above link.


Use Iniya Tamil (not open source) to type in Tamil (supports all Tamil layouts) / convert to different Tamil encodings, in windows. Can be downloaded from

Download Lohit Tamil Unicode Fonts from

Other Tamil Fonts

Tamil99 stickers (Tamil alphabets) can be printed & affixed to your keyboard see below for details

(can get it printed in local sticker shops)

Increasing Laptop Battery Hours in Ubuntu 14.04

TLP is a free power management tool, useful for Linux laptops.

Copy paste below 4 commands one by one in terminal and press enter after each

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw

sudo tlp start

See below link for more information / thinkpad specific installation.

Reduce default screen Brightness in Ubuntu

Every time Ubuntu boots up you get the maximum level of screen brightness. This can be overcome by adding a startup script which will automatically adjust screen brightness when Ubuntu boots up .

See below link to set default screen brightness from 100 % to 0 % (or desired brightness level)

Tamil99 Keyboard Layout

Tamil 99 is a fast and simple typing keyboard layout approved by the Tamil Nadu Government. The layout, along with several monolingual and bilingual fonts for use with the Tamil language, was approved in year 1999.

Adding Tamil 99 Keyboard in Windows (including other Tamil Keyboard layouts)

Adding Tamil 99 Keyboard in Ubuntu 14.04 (including other Tamil Keyboard layouts)

See for more details relating to Tamil99.

Other relevant links
Tamil99 keyboard stickers
(Can get it printed in sticker print shops)

Tamil fonts

Tamil typing methods (different keyboard layouts for Tamil)

About Tamil99

Why Tamil99ஏன்-தமிழ்99-விசைப்பலகைக்க/